Prices & Ordering

We are confident you will benefit from using Pitstop but if after 6 months you are not delighted with our product or it has not saved at least 15 minutes per driver per shift over manual inspection of the thermal printouts, we will offer you a 100% refund.

What do I need ?

A download device to capture vehicle and driver tachograph data, a company card, a driver card for each driver, an optional chart scanning module if you have vehicles with analogue tachos and Pitstop to analyse the data for infringements.

Pitstop Versions & Prices

  Version No. Of
Price (£) V.A.T. (£) Total (£)
  COMPANY 1 - 5 Yes Yes 185 37 222
    1 - 10 Yes Yes 285 57 342
    1 - 20 Yes Yes 385 77 462
    1 - 30 Yes Yes 485 97 582
    1 - 40 Yes Yes 585 117 702
    1 - 50 Yes Yes 685 137 822
    1 - 60 Yes Yes 785 157 942
    Unlimited Yes Yes 885 177 1062
  DRIVER n/a Yes Yes   50 10   60
  LITE Unlimited No No   75 15   90
  ENTERPRISE Unlimited Yes Yes    POA
  BUREAU Unlimited Yes Yes    POA

Chart Scanning Software Modules & Prices

  Scanning software module   190 38 228

Download Devices & Prices

  Digidown Plus download device   170 34 204
  Digidown Terminal (WiFi or GPRS)   450 90 540
online or call us on 03331 - 235383
Upgrades and Support

  • Software upgrades are FREE for Pitstop (Company), Pitstop (Driver) and Pitstop (Lite).
  • AFTER the first year there is an optional annual email and telephone support fee:

        £15 + vat for Pitstop(Driver) & Pitstop(Lite)
        £25 + vat for Pitstop (Company) for fleets of upto 5 vehicles
        £45 + vat for Pitstop (Company) for fleets of upto 30 vehicles
        £95 + vat for Pitstop (Company) for fleets over 30 vehicles
  • For Pitstop (Enterprise) AFTER the first year there is an optional annual email and telephone support fee including software upgrades of 20% of the original price.
  • There is no annual licence fee or other on-going fees.
  • Please note only limited support can be given if you are running Pitstop on an Apple Mac using Bootcamp, Parallels Desktop, etc, to facilitate Windows. Its advisable to fully test first using our free Trial version which you can download from our website.
Additional Information

  • If you frequently rent vehicles this may cause your limit to be exceeded. However, our team can advise you on how to avoid this scenario.
  • If you need to upgrade Pitstop you only pay the difference in price.
  • The Driver version only processes data from digicards for a single, named driver. Only driver and WTD reports are available, i.e. there is no vehicle reporting.
  • The Enterprise version is suitable for large fleets of about 70 vehicles plus and/or for multi-user access over a server network.
  • Require bespoke reports? We're more than happy to help so please contact us for details.
  • If you require an ADF for scanning charts we can supply one for you.
Download Device

If you require a download device then we recommend the Digidown Plus which comes with a one year guarantee :-

  • Plugs into the Vehicle Unit (VU) and collects the vehicle's digital data and data from a Driver Card inserted in the VU. A Company Card must be present in one of the VU slots.
    Some tachographs may require the vehicle ignition to be turned on during the download.
  • In standalone mode Driver Cards can be inserted directly into the Digidown Plus' built-in card reader so this can be done onsite without the vehicle being present.
  • Works with all digital tachographs, robust, easy to use, long battery life (AA batteries included - batteries not used when downloading from the VU) and USB connection to your PC for easy file transfer to Pitstop.
  • We also provide the Lisle Digidown Terminal which is a neat little device allowing you to capture data from Driver Cards and virtually any download tool, sending it automatically to your central office or wherever you need it to be. Further information can be found here.

Optional Extras
  • We can also offer a bureau service providing full driver infringement analysis along with other vital reports using our Pitstop tachograph analysis software.
  • Digital tachograph training for both Managers and Drivers can be arranged along with the new, mandatory CPC courses for drivers. Please contact us for details and prices.

To Order
  • Payment can be made by BACS and cheque after receiving an invoice, or in our online shop.
  • P&P charges: The Digidown Plus is sent by special delivery and a £10+vat charge applies.
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