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PITSTOP FLAG Digital Tachograph Analysis and Reporting


Our Pitstop digital tachograph application can save small operators £100s and large operators £1000s by bringing their digital tachograph analysis in-house.

Pitstop can assist you with FORS accreditation, the fleet operator recognition scheme, all the way up to gold as witnessed by one of or customer's Rai Haulage who took advantage of Pitstop's tachograph analysis, fuel economy, activity reminders and wall chart features.

Infringement Reporting is critical as it highlights all the EU Drivers Hours and WTD infringements automatically, removing the need for time consuming and error prone manual calculation.

  • INEXPENSIVE Windows application with a one-off fee that is much less than a DVSA fine!
  • Our unique relationship with the Transport industry means Pitstop and its reports are designed from your perspective
  • Pitstop runs under Windows on an office or home computer where the tachograph analysis takes place
  • Crystal clear text, pdf and html format digital tachograph reports for Driver Activities and ALL infringement types, card mis-use, Driving without a Digicard, Advisory Weekly Compensation Report, Working Time Directive Reports, Driver Over Speeding Report, Driver Infringement Letters, Vehicle Speed Graph, Vehicle Activity Report, Vehicle Fuel Economy Graph, Events and Faults Report, plus many more
  • EASY TO USE, navigate and user-friendly requiring limited computer knowledge, saving you vast amounts of time
  • Reports and tachograph analysis produced instantaneously saving time over manual inspection of thermal printouts for infringements
  • Report on the entire company or by individual depots and omit obsolete vehicles and drivers
  • CALCULATES fuel consumption / efficiency in terms of m.p.g. and L/100Km plus CO2 emissions. Import your fuel receipts (e.g. Shell, BP, etc) from a csv file
  • Some reports permit exporting of results to a spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Use Pitstop to import driver cards using a smart card reader
  • Multi-manning (i.e. crew) and ferry crossings included in the analysis
  • Creates off-site backups by emailing, to an external storage device or uploading to the cloud or your server thus guaranteeing data can never be lost in the event of your computer being stolen, succumbing to accidental or malicious damage
  • MIXED FLEET support with optional analogue chart scanning software using either a flatbed scanner or ADF to seamlessly integrate analogue activities with your digital data
  • Manual activities can be entered to override the downloaded digital data
  • Bus and coach timetables can be imported from a csv file for vehicles without digital tachographs
  • Digital data stays in your possession for tachograph analysis AND NOT SENT to third parties
  • Daily reminder informing you when digital tachograph data is due for download. Also MOT, road tax, insurance and vehicle inspection alerts.
  • Multi-language support for infringement letters to assist non-native English speakers
  • Supports all download devices, e.g. Siemens VDO Download Key, Stoneridge Optac Tool, Digidown, Digifob, DigiVu, etc, and all European digital tachographs such as Siemens DTCO 1381, Stoneridge SE5000, Actia and Delphi Grundig
  • MANAGEMENT PLANNING tool allowing you to see how many hours of driving remain for this week and next for each individual driver
  • Reminders Wallchart (calibration dates, tax due dates, digicard and driving licence expiries, etc)
  • REMOTE DOWNLOADING & TRACKING options available
  • Customised reports possible should you have special requirements
  • Friendly, professional, top-class support
  • BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY (get our free Price Comparison Report) as many lack full infringement reporting in their standard version

p.s. OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU . . . . . . . . .

As we are confident you will benefit from using Pitstop, if after 6 months you are not delighted with our product or it has not saved you at least 15 minutes per driver per shift over manual inspection of the thermal printouts, we will offer you a 100% money refund.

Experience has shown us that many Operators are unaware of all the infringement types (they run into double figures). In the old days the UK rules were very straight forward, unlike the current EU Driver Hours regulations, and scanning a chart took a couple of minutes. Manually totting up the figures and spotting the infringements, especially weekly compensation, will take considerably longer than the 15 minutes mentioned above.

Pitstop Digital Tachograph Activity report

Click here for an example of use, including sample reports and here for prices and ordering

Important Note: DVSA do not accept as defence unawareness of infringements due to lack of appropriate tacho analysis software. Having tachograph software shows DVSA you're trying to comply compared to those who just perform the minimum requirement of downloading.

Please remember some products do not report INFRINGEMENTS or the WTD but simply list driver activities.

Once you have performed a digital tachograph download, just sit back and let your computer do all the number crunching to produce error free results in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

Pitstop (Company) has a one off payment from just £185 + vat !!!!!
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