Pitstop Example

STEP 1: The digital tachograph download procedure collects data from the tachograph, or Vehicle Unit (VU) as it is often known, and Driver Digicards.
  1. insert the Company Card into one of the VU’s slots (not in the download device) and after initialising, the company name will appear on the VU display
  2. plug the digital tachograph download device into the VU
  3. digital tachograph download devices vary and on some you may not get the option, but for your very first download select ALL DATA. Subsequent downloads you only need the LATEST DATA provided the download is within the prescribed time frame.
  4. the download device will indicate when the operation has completed (this could take between 20-60 minutes depending on the VU and amount of data to download). For Digidown devices for example, the light will blink at a slower rate
  5. if you have any Digicards, these can be downloaded via the VU by inserting them in the VU’s free slot. Alternatively, the device may have an in-built digicard reader enabling downloading away from the vehicle. Digicards take upto a minute to download.
  6. once everything has been downloaded, unplug the download device and eject the Company Card.

IMPORTANT: when the Company Card is ejected the VU will ask you whether you wish to remain Locked In. Always remain Locked In until the time comes to dispose of the vehicle.

At some point in the future you may like to consider remote downloading.

Now plug the download device into one of the USB ports on your computer (devices such as the Digidown Blue let drivers email tachograph files from their mobile phones while away from the office).

Click Pitstop’s icon to launch the digital tachograph application and then click the IMPORT button and all new, downloaded digital data is transferred to your computer.

The newly downloaded data should be backed up and kept off-site as enforcement agencies require access to these downloads if they investigate. This can be to a server if you are connected to one, including the Cloud (UPLOAD option), or a memory stick / external drive (BACKUP option), or to a designated email address (EMAIL option).

Tip: The REVEAL option is a quick way to determine if any of your drivers have infringed within a given period rather having to look at each driver individually on the Drivers tab.

If you have installed the optional chart scanning module, you may wish to scan some charts. They can of course be scanned and imported into Pitstop at anytime.

You can manually enter data for any vehicles with an analogue tachograph or override your drivers’ digital data from the Manual tab.

  Moving to the Drivers tab select a driver to view their information and activities.
You may assign depots to drivers, enter leave (holidays, sick, etc) for WTD calculations, if its a smart tachograph display GNSS positions and enter daily notes which will appear on Driver Infringement letters, e.g. the reason why an infringement occurred.
You can swap between the calendar and the management planner which displays the amount of driving and work time available and also when the next daily and weekly rests are due.
IMPORTANT: If there have been any infringements investigate and issue the legally required Driver’s Letter.



On the Vehicles tab you may assign a depot, set up various reminders, view daily distance travelled, enter vehicle expenses including fuel receipts and if its a smart tachograph, display GNSS positions.

IMPORTANT: Run a V70 Vehicle Driven Without Digicard for all your vehicles as Enforcement Agencies pay alot of attention to “missing mileages”.

The Create Report tab is shown below. In this example the Driver Activity Report is chosen. After the report is created it is displayed whereupon you may print a hard copy directly from the application. Should any infringements be revealed you will need to issue your driver(s) with an infringement letter (which can be done from this tab)

STEP 10:
Graphs are produced in exactly the same way and permit you to zoom in on areas of interest. The Vehicle Speed trace graph is shown below. Driver infringements are marked with a black vertical line to inform you when they occurred.

Pitstop can calculate your vehicles’ fuel economy and there is a very useful Wall Chart of reminders that can be generated from the downloaded tachograph and digicard file data plus information keyed in such as Driving Licence and DQC expiry dates.

And that’s it, you're now safe in the knowledge you have complied with DVSA’s regulations and your data is safely stored and backed up.

Examples Of Just Some Of Our Pitstop Flag Reports

D01 - Driver Activity A critical report summarising driver activities & highlights EU driver hour infringements
D02 - Driver Shift Summary A break down of the activities and the start/finish times of each shift
D03 - Driver Detailed Activity Details each individual driver activity
D07 - Driver Activity Charts Driver activities in graphical format
D10 - Driver Speeding Reports on driver over-speeding
D20 - Advisory Weekly Compensation Informs you of the amount of compensated rest that is due to a driver
D30 - Driver Infringements Letter Meet your legal obligation by making your drivers acknowledge their infringements
D35 - Driver Download Reminder See which driver cards are due for download
D50 - Driver Summary Lists summary details for your drivers
D60 - Driver Infringement Table Creates a driver league table of infringements
D80 - Management Planner Enables the Transport Manager to plan ahead
D99- Wallchart of Reminders This is the report version of the spreadsheet that can be pinned up on the office wall
E01 - Events And Faults Highlights tachograph malfunctions, driving with no card, etc
V01 - Vehicle Activity Shows daily driving distances, who was driving and any missing VU downloads
V10 - Vehicle Speed Data Lists detailed speed analysis and driving patterns
V20 - Vehicle Mileages & Fuel Efficiency Shows daily, weekly, monthly mileages and fuel efficiency
V35 - Vehicle Download Reminder See which vehicles are due for download
V36 - Vehicle Ins, Tax, MOT Reminder See which vehicles are coming up for insurance, tax and MOT
V40 - Vehicle Expenses Reports on all vehicle expense items
V50 - Vehicle Summary Lists the summary details for your vehicles
V70 - Driving Without A Digicard Identify vehicles that were driven without a digicard
W03 - Daily Break Analysis Working Time Directive (WTD) report highlighting missing breaks
W20 - Weekly Work Analysis Indicates if the WTD weekly working average for mobile workers has been exceeded

Pitstop Flag Video Tutorials


This video tutorial covers the screen layout, setting up of the various parameters plus basic functions including importing and backing up of your data.



This video tutorial covers driver infringement analysis and reporting including the various reminders available and your legal obligations.



This video tutorial covers vehicle reporting including the various reminders available and useful tips on what authorities like to see.


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